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  Offering replicas of historic & contemporary Labyrinth designs,  and artistic gifts. 

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Wood Finger labyrinths  from Paxworks!


made from natural hardwoods, Maple, Cherry,  Walnut !

Personal Chartres Labyrinths    

These replicas of the 11-circuit  Chartres Labyrinth can be carried along on a morning walk or conveniently displayed in your home or office on a desk or coffee table! BOTH Include a wood stick for 'walking' the grooved path and a cloth storage bag.    They are 4.5 inches wide, about the size of a CD and are a perfect size for contemplation and study.  Make this Archetypical labyrinth part of your daily routine!

Pewter   4.5"     $29.50 each  .


Gossembrot by PaxworksNEW from PAXWORKS

The Gossembrot Labyrinth

 4 inches, cast metal, with cloth carrying pouch.

The Gossembrot labyrinth has seven circuits with its turns based on a five pointed star and ‘doubled’ or four paths deep. The original drawing is in a manuscript by Sigmund Gossembrot the Elder of Augsburg, ca. 1480.  There are few references to this pattern in modern times, and we hope you find it unique in your experience! 

NOTE: this design was introduced by PAXWORKS at the 2010 Labyrinth Society Gathering in canvas

limited edition pricing at $27.00

PEWTER Personal size

Classic-7 Labyrinth   4.5" 

This  is the ancient Classic-7 (Cretan) Labyrinth. It can be carried along on a morning walk, or travel with it! It can be conveniently displayed on a desk or coffee table! Follow the path in meditation or prayer. No stylus needed, the path is wide enough for your finger!.  Includes a cloth storage bag.   

 Only $27.99  

 Classic 7  Labyrinth  Charm/Pendant & EARRINGS 3/4 inchesversion of the ancient Classic 7 (cretan) labyrinth  pattern.  This version has the labyrinth on BOTH SIDES, one side with the left hand path, one with the right hand path!  Available in single pendant/charm or as a pair of earrings.   The earrings have the left and right paths featured for opposite ears!   PEWTER 

Choose (1) Pendant or (pair) Earrings

Chartres Labyrinth   


 Embroidered 2-color 3.5 inch patches,  For clothing and crafts!  The Chartres  Labyrinth fully  embroidered on durable 3.5 inch patches .  Use for  vests,  jackets, shirts, hats, stoles, altar pieces!  

PRICING 4/$12.99  OR  $3.99 each  Choice of :

Black lines / cream path.



REFLECTIVE Chartres and Man-in-Maze Labyrinth Stickers 

Stickers are LARGE 4.5 in., CD size, or MINI  2.5 inch size.   Printed on weather resistant MIRROR-like material !  For correspondence, cars,  notebooks, gifts, laptops, luggage... craft projects, Mount on old CDs to make sun catchers!!  (note: Man-in-Maze only available in MINI size)  sold in SIX packs:    

Reflective sticker choices:


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